Marx. Una biografia a fumetti Corinne Maier

ISBN: 9788891201980

Published: October 9th 2013


68 pages


Marx. Una biografia a fumetti  by  Corinne Maier

Marx. Una biografia a fumetti by Corinne Maier
October 9th 2013 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 68 pages | ISBN: 9788891201980 | 3.41 Mb

This is an audacious premise for a book about possibly the most famous and influential political philosopher in the past two hundred years: lets try to summarize Marxs life and work in 60 pages. 60 pages! Why?! Hey, why stop there, lets see if we can do it in a haiku! But I think they did it (and they dont say why) because the name Marx or the label Marxist gets thrown around a lot.

And they know few people outside of scholars are going to read Capital or even The Communist Manifesto. Why not give people a fun Guide to Marx on $5 a day? I just thought I would see what they would do with it, and I know Marx a bit. And I liked what they did.Much published psychoanalyst Maier and accomplished artist Anne Simon have fun with this premise, this challenge, and try to be light, with some jokes scattered throughout as they try to both get at the heart of his life and ideas.

I like that series that has in it Foucault for Beginners, comics guides to High Theory. Fun and surprisingly thoughtful and useful in getting at the heart of Foucault, I really do think. Maiers Marx is more biographical than the purely theoretical Foucault For Beginners, and thats reductive, too. But thats the point, to see if they can get to the essence without failing to entertain, and I say it works.I am reminded of a bunch of trashy mini comics I got a few years ago in a yard sale. Classics in 60 pages..

all of them in 60 pages, exactly: Crime and Punishment, Pride and Prejudice, Moby Dick, each of them in precisely 60 pages! Hilarious. A perfect example of the very reason a lot of people think comics dumb down the culture. But Maier and Simon have a serious aim to introduce Marx to the general public. I think its pretty good, and if you dont feel like you know Marx and want to know him, start here!

60 pages wont hurt, come on!

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