Minor Field Sports L.C.R. Cameron

ISBN: 9781905124008

Published: January 1st 2000


188 pages


Minor Field Sports  by  L.C.R. Cameron

Minor Field Sports by L.C.R. Cameron
January 1st 2000 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 188 pages | ISBN: 9781905124008 | 6.22 Mb

A book for the true countryman of all ages. First published in the early 1900s, now reprinted in a fine-quality hardback edition for a new generation. It will stir many nostalgic memories for older readers and teach younger ones some new and unusual methods of taking various kinds of quarry. Its seven illustrated chapters cover 166 pages and include details and instructions on a fascinating variety of subjects, many of them now illegal. Its a truly readable book from a more innocent age when the country was a freer place.

Weve reprinted this with genuine pleasure. It describes the sporting activities of a generation only just removed from ours but now separated forever by new legislation and a change in attitudes amongst out-of-touch urbanites. My father described it as almost a diary of my country childhood. It is without doubt the most interesting book weve ever sold and I defy anyone with even a passing interest in the countryside or field sports to be able to flick through it without becoming absorbed. I: SPORTS DEPENDING ON DOGS Badger-hunting Stoat-hunting Rat-hunting Squirrel-hunting Water-vole and Moorhen hunting Wild-rabbit coursing Hedgehog finding Dog-racing Hunting the clean boot II: SPORTS DEPENDING ON FERRETS: Ratting Rabbiting III: SPORTS DEPENDENT ON BIRDS Hawking small birds Trapping and netting sparrows Pigeon-racing Tippler-flying Hawking insects with jackdaws IV: SPORTS REQUIRING A GUN OR RIFLE Rook and rabbit shooting Sparrow and starling shooting Wood-pigeon shooting Shooting game with a bow and arrows IV: SPORT WITH FISHES Wiring jack and pike Sniggling and spearing eels Minnow and gudgeon fishing Crayfish catching VI: MISCELLANEOUS SPORTS Finding the eggsof certain birds Viper-killing Millipede-racing Beetle-fighting VII: SOME MAJOR FIELD SPORTS In the hunting field Fox-hunting Hare-hunting Otter-hunting Shooting Coursing Angling

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